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PBN Links

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PBN Backlinks

A private blog network (PBN) uses a network of websites to build links & influence the authority of a central website. The links generated through this exchange boost the authority of a central website, and thus improving the website’s ranking

This network may consist of ten, it could be tens, it could be hundreds or thousands of websites. The only purpose of those websites in the network is to put an article on it, build links and anchor text in it so that the website where it links pointing to will get higher in Google and other search engine rankings.

Our PBN Links Service

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Features and Benefits

Are private blog network links an effective solution for backlinking?
Yes… if you get them from the right agency.

High-Quality Content

We make sure that content we use to provide you a backlink is not a spun content. Every article is natively written & free from grammatical errors.

Clean & Anonymous Linking

Your safety is our priority. We block crawl bots, use non-SEO hosting, and avoid leaving any footprints that lead back to you.

Hand-Built, Trustworthy Sites

We use fleshed-out, aged PBNs with premium themes. The blogs are high-quality ensuring the quality of your link to be premium.

Large Diverse Network

We are constantly working upon adding new sites into the general network. This allows us to keep a constant flow of supply of quality links.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can always buy authentic PBN Backlinks. You can also publish blogs in PBN Blogs and link to a site which you want to monetize. This will help you to drastically improve the ranks of the website organically.

The impact of the PBN backlinks in SEO depends on how you use the PBN’s to link to the site which you want to monetize. If you place links in relevant places and with seo friendly tags and anchors, PBN links will highly help you to improve the ranks of the website.

Alan Seo is the best place to buy effective and authentic PBN backlinks and use it for the SEO. At Alan Seo  we have team of SEO Experts who work in collaboration with the Hosting team to make sure that the PBN sites are built and maintained in a way to boost the SEO of a Website.

Yes, you can link to the site which you want to monetize from the PBN sites. Before linking, you need to note some factors like whether the PBN sites are hosted in unique IP’s without any footprints.

For link building, you need to build links from different websites (generally hosted with different IP’s). Multiple links from the same PBN will not help you to improve the ranks.

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